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Air India employees molest 9 yr old girl

An Air-India employee was arrested and another detained for allegedly molesting a nine-year-old girl at NSC Bose International airport in Kolkata.

The police said AI baggage handler Ahamed Reza molested the girl when she came to the airport at about 1.30 am to catch a flight.

Another baggage handler, Binoy Sanyasi was detained for questioning, the police said.

The incident took place when the girl was waiting after luggage checking in the airport, the police said.

The girl had come to visit relatives with her mother in Kolkata and was on the way to Boston in a Frankfurt-bound flight.

An AI spokesperson said Reza and Sanyasi have been suspended from duty.

The girl’s mother lodged a complaint with the airport officials and officers from Airport Police Station arrested Reza, airport sources said.

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