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Another Indian diplomat patted down at a US airport

New Delhi: Close on the heels of Indian Ambassador Meera Shankar being subjected to a ‘pat-down’ search, another incident of top Indian diplomat Hardeep Puri being patted down at Houston Airport has come to light following which India has lodged a strong protest with the US.

According to reports, Puri, India’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, was asked by airport officials to remove his turban during a security check two weeks back at Houston Airport.

When Puri refused to remove his turban, the officials made him wait for over half-an-hour in a ‘holding room’.

India has lodged an official protest through its Consulate General in Houston with the US authorities, sources said here.

On December 4, Shankar, was pulled out from an airport security line and patted down by an American security agent in Mississippi despite informing them of her diplomatic status.

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