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Arjun Singh breaks silence: It was my duty to save Anderson

New Delhi: The Senior Congress politician and former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Arjun Singh broke his silence in a short duration discussion on Bhopal Gas Tragedy in Rajya Sabha.

Arjun Singh while revealing truth behind the tragic incident said that he stayed in Bhopal when the incident took place while the then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi was on tour that night.

“I offered to resign but Rajiv Gandhi told me not to step down. I did not run away from my responsibility,” said Arjun Singh, Senior Congress politician.

Arjun Singh also ensured Warren Anderson’s arrest when he arrived in Bhopal four days after the tragedy.

“I gave order in writing for Anderson’s arrest. Though it was my duty to save Anderson too, because I knew that people would lynch him. And it was my duty to see that people don’t harm him,” he added.

He also said that only thing on Rajiv Gandhi’s mind was how to compensate the victims.

Arjun Singh also showed his readiness to suffer any punishment for arresting Anderson.

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