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Australia PM condemns death of Indian child

Melbourne: A three-year-old boy of an Indian family holidaying here went missing and was found dead on the outskirts of Melbourne with no signs of trauma or bruises. The child, Gurshan Singh, was holidaying there with his parents.

Police are hunting a child killer after Gurshan’s body was found near Melbourne airport. He had gone missing while his mother was having a shower in a Lylo home near Melbourne on Thursday.

The boy’s parents, too distraught to speak, remained in the house. Family and friends have been rallying around them and relatives are pleading the police to keep them informed of the latest development.

Gurshan Singh’s father said, “I’m not in a condition that I can speak.”

Australia Prime Minister Kevin Rudd condemning the death, said: “The death of any little child causes everyone in this country to stop, pause, think, reflect. If this is a case of murder there is nothing worse, nothing worse, than the brutal murder of a little child. The authorities are investigating it, we are confident the authorities will get to the bottom of it.”

Police said they are deploying every possible resource to help solve this crime which has shocked the community. A full scale search has been launched after a council worker found the body Thursday night in long grassland 30 km away from Melbourne airport.

“…he went missing from Lalor on Thursday. Police immediately launched a full-scale search for the boy. A council worker found his body last night in grassland, some 30 km from Melbourne airport,” said Deputy Commissioner Ken Jones.

“We mobilised our police…. we acted on it very very quickly. We are awaiting the results of further forensic tests to determine the cause of death. There were no obvious injuries.”

The police say they’re desperate for witnesses who might have seen something.

Channel 7’s reporter Brendon Donohoe who had first filed the report said the police was treating the case as ‘murder’.

Amelia Harris of the Herald Sun said: “Police were hunting a child killer after they discovered the body of the child Thursday night. The boy’s parents remained in the house behind us, they are too distraught to speak.”

How it happened:

3 yr old Gurshan was last seen on Thursday morning. He was wearing blue jeans and grey t-shirt at the time.

One of the family’s housemates say Gurshan was crying that morning because his father had gone to a nearby library without him.

Gurshan’s mother Harpreet Kaur – a student in Australia- was taking a shower at the time.

When Gurshan stopped crying, she thought he’d run after his father.

The family later realised Gurshan wasn’t at the library with his father and alerted the police.

Police immediately launched a search operation.

Six hours later the child’s body was found dumped in grassy patch on the side of a road.

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