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Ayesha Siddiqui is elder than Shoaib

In a telephonic interview to national channels Ayesha Siddiqui admitted that is she elder than Shoaib Malik. She said that Shoaib is aware of it, but this did not mean that she is not married to Shoaib.

Her family doctor Dr Shams Babar also said Ayesha would be “between 30 and 35 years of age.” He pointed out that Shoaib had met her at least 14 times after the marriage.

Shoaib told to media earlier that he used to call her Maha apa, why don’t you go and ask her age.

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  1. LOL !! What kind of a family doctor is he? Or he became one 10 days ago ;).. The family doctor said it “would” be “between” 30 and 35 years.. He doesn’t know the exact age !! Or may be she is 35 and 40 years ;)
    In the divorce paper shown in the media, it said 1973, her year of birth! That makes her 37,9 years older than Shoaib.
    Wow. No wonder Maha Apa !

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