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Baby rescued 21 hours after falling into borewell

Batala: A three-year-old girl, who had fallen into a 200-foot borewell at Dhira village in Gurdaspur district of Punjab on Wednesday, has been rescued.

The girl, Dilraj Preet Kaur, was rescued on Thursday almost 21 hours after falling into the borewell. She has been taken to a hospital and it is unclear whether the child has survived or not.

Dilraj was visiting her grandparents along with her mother when she fell into the borewell on Wednesday while she was playing at the farmhouse where the borewell was being dug.

The child was stuck at a depth of 33 feet. With the width of the borewell only nine inches, it was difficult to watch the movements of the child, making things tough for those carrying out the rescue operation.

The civil authorities had initially launched the operation with the help of the local police, but realising that it was going to need more expertise to save the child, the J-K Battalion from the nearby Tibri Cantonment was called in.

In 2006, five-year-old Prince, who fell into a 53 feet deep and 1.5 feet wide shaft in Shahbad, Haryana, was saved after two days of rescue operations.

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