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Bajrang Dal activists attack romancing couples

Bhopal: Bajrang Dal activists took on a moral policing role, when they accosted and attacked young couples near some religious spots in Bhopal.

It accused couples of promoting indecent behaviour near religious spots such as the Lord Hanuman temple.

The men were beaten up, while the ladies were made to do sit-ups in public.

Couples were also prevented from riding pillion on two-wheelers.

“We informed them that this is a religious place and they should not come here.They sit here for two-three hours for no reason and do indecent acts,” claimed Mukesh Malviya, a Bajrang Dal activist.

“We did not attack them, but instead administered them two to three light punishment and nothing else,” he added.

Shouting religious slogans, the activists said they needed to warn these people against committing such acts of vulgarism.

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