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BJP calls for K’taka bandh, flays Governor

New Delhi: Karnataka Governor Hansraj Bhardwaj has taken his battle against Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa to its final stage.
The ongoing war of words between Yeddyurappa and Bhardwaj sparked street violence overnight. Tyres were burnt as mobs chanted slogans. The BJP has called a bandh in the state on Saturday to protest against the Governor.
Bhardwaj gave the sanction for prosecuting Yeddyurappa following allegations of his involvement in a land scam. He took the decision on the basis of a private complaint filed by two lawyers close to the Yeddyurappa arch rival – JDS.

This decision comes a day after Yeddyurappa himself fixed an appointment with the President seeking the Governor’s withdrawal.

BJP leader Arun Jaitley said, “This just shows that the Governor is using his position to help the Congress politically. His biases are now out in the open”.

Giving teeth to BJP’s stand is the haste shown by Bhardwaj to announce his decision. On Thursday he had said that he was going to wait for two days before announcing his verdict on the complaint against Yeddyurappa and the Karnataka Home Minister R Ashok.

On Friday morning, he gave ample hints of what he was thinking by writing a letter to the Yeddyurappa almost warning him. It’s this haste which made Yeddyurappa describe Bhardwaj’s decision as daylight murder of democracy.

Congress leader Dinesh Gundu Rao said, “If Yeddyurappa didn’t resign earlier, then how can we force him to resign now. Congress has nothing to do with the Governor’s decision.”

But constitutional experts are divided on the Governor’s decision. KN Bhatt said, “The decision is totally devoid of any legal sanctity”.

Shanti Bhushan also commented, “Governor is well within his position to take this decision if he is convinced”.

Since Bhardwaj took over as the Governor of Karnataka he has not missed opportunities in targeting the Chief Minister. In his defence Yedyyurappa has sited the setting up on one man committee headed by retired judge to get to the bottom of allegations against him.

While many have dismissed the move as an eyewash, Bhardwaj’s latest move is bound to provide some more ammunition to the BJP which is already fighting a high-pitched battle against the Congress nationally.

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