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BJP, Cong political battle take to cyberspace

New Delhi: A domain war has broken out between the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Congress. The BJP has served a legal notice on the Congress for diverting web traffic from their domain name.

The BJP’s official site had registered itself as bjp.org but another website called bjp.com is redirecting users to the Congress website. The BJP now alleges that the Congress is trying to mislead users who want to get information on the Saffron party.

However, the notice to the ruling party was served late last month. The BJP says the Congress has so far not responded to the notice.

“The BJP had registered itself and has bjp.org in 1995, political parties do not register themselves as dot com as it is for commercial addresses bjp.com has been created by some other party. We don’t know who, its identity we are unable to find it, ” said BJP spokesman Nirmala Seetharaman.

“The phone numbers is leading us to US. This is an important issue. The www.bjp.com leads to the website of the AICC, ” said Seetharaman.

“This is a theft of BJP’s identity,” he added.

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