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Bobby Jindal scores legal victory over Obama

Washington: Louisiana’s Indian-American Governor Bobby Jindal has scored a legal victory over President Barack Obama when a federal judge in New Orleans issued an injunction on the six-month moratorium on deepwater drilling imposed by the White House.

The drilling moratorium declared on May 6 was to last only through the month. But Obama announced May 27 that he was extending it for six months, a move criticised by Jindal.

Welcoming the court ruling, Jindal, who threw his weight behind the legal challenge, said that a ban on drilling threatens thousands of jobs in his state and hurts other businesses that supply oil-and-gas companies.

“We absolutely agree with the judge’s conclusion that the administration’s six-month, or longer, shutdown of deepwater drilling was ‘arbitrary and capricious,'” the 39-year-old charismatic Republican leader said.

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