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CBI asks ICICI Bank to freeze Kalmadi’s lockers

Pune: The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) on Tuesday requested the ICICI Bank to freeze two lockers of former CWG Organising Committee chairman Suresh Kalmadi in Pune’s Yedwada branch.

While the former CWG chief is in Bangkok to attend an athletics federation meeting, the CBI searched his personal lockers at Pune’s ICICI bank and discovered gold jewellery worth Rs 1 crore.

Kalmadi’s aides say the jewellery has already been declared in his Income Tax returns but the agency has asked ICICI to freeze his lockers.

With her beleagured husband away in Bangkok to attend a meeting of the athletics federation. It’s now Mrs Kalmadi’s turn to answer the CBI’s queries. The whole of Tuesday was spent by CBI investigators examining the contents of the personal lockers of Mr Kalmadi.

The two lockers that were searched were at the ICICI bank in Pune’s Yerwada branch.

The search was being carried out to look for documents or any evidence related to the Queen’s Baton relay and the Time Scoring and Result deal.

FIRs have already been filed by the CBI in both these cases.

But the CBI found gold jewellery worth Rs 1 crore in one of the two lockers.

Kalmadi’s aides say the jewellery has already been declared in his Income Tax returns.

“Lockers were searched we showed them our family jewellery,” said Meera Kalmadi, Suresh Kalmadi’s wife.

On Christmas eve last year, all the premises remotely related to Kalmadi all across the country were raided by the CBI. Now with his personal lockers being opened up and sealed, the CBI is pushing for Kalmadi harder.

“I am not worried at all of the CBI as I have done no wrong,” Kalmadi had said while speaking to CNN-IBN earlier.

Whether this is false bravado or a statement of fact will be known in a couple of weeks when the CBI is expected to file some more cases in the CWG scam.

Tightening the noose around the former CWG OC, the CBI was also looking for link between Kalmadi and a Hyderbad based company allegedly a front.

Kalmadi has, however, been claiming that he was not involved in any scam.

“I can vouch that I have not gained financially even a single rupee out of these games and if proved otherwise I am prepared to step down as a Member of Parliament,” he said a few days ago.

He has also asked for an investigation by a Joint Parliamentary Committee to enquire into all aspects of scams associated with the Commonwealth Games.

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