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Charges dropped against Telangana protesters

New Delhi: Congress MPs and MLAs from the Telengana region in Andhra Pradesh went on a hunger strike on Monday forcing the state government to drop 135 cases against Telengana activists against students involved in the Telangana agitation.

The move comes days before the Justice Sri Krishna Commission submits its report on the formation of a separate Telengana state and is a reminder that the demand for statehood may erupt again after the report is submitted.

11 MPs and 21 legislators from the region who protested on Monday have also threatened to resign if the Sri Krishna committee report does not give Telengana.

Congress MP, Keshav Rao said, “Our main demand is for separate Telangana and there’s no compromise over that.”

Congress at the Centre is worried. A nod to Telengana could trigger off similar demands for small states. A powerful section of the Andhra Congress has conveyed to the high command that Telengana would mean a huge economic loss for the Andhra as the Telengana region is wealthy. Powerful business lobby is applying pressure on the state and Delhi to stall Telengana.

But with Sonia having already committed to Telengana in the past and with Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) already hijacking the agenda it may be difficult for the Congress to drag its feet over the issue for long.

“Congress is not against smaller states. We’ll try to arrive at a Consensus”, said Congress’ Shakeel Ahmed.

With the countdown having begun for the Sri Krishna Committee report, political parties in Andhra Pradesh have begun to re-ignite the Telangana fervour. Not to be left behind are the Telangana Congress leaders who with this ongoing hunger strike are making sure their voices are heard in the din of increasing Telangana political rheotoric

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