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Come and in Public and talk : Sania and Shoaib to Ayesha

Hyderabad: Pakistan cricketer Shoaib Malik, who is scheduled to marry tennis star Sania Mirza on April 15 in Hyderabad, on Monday said that he was in the city to clear his name vis-a-vis the alleged marriage with Hyderabad girl Ayesha Siddiqui, as he would not like to lose the respect that he had earned.

Addressing a press conference with Sania this evening, Shoaib said: “I have not married the girl who goes by the name of Ayesha. I have never met her. I have met Maha Apa, and Apa in Islam means elder sister. I won’t apologise. I am not leaving the country, I am cooperating with the police here.”

“I would not like to lose the respect that I have earned. If you want to question the validity of the `so-called marriage”, go and ask the clergy. Ten years ago, I was 18-years-old. I now believe that I was trapped by Maha Apa. I am here to clear my name. The Siddiquis are doing this for cheap publicity. You people are from the media; I would like to ask why this Ayesha is not appearing in public? Why is she talking to television channels behind the scenes? I believe in God. I represent Pakistan. I am strong and believe I will see this through,” Malik added.

Sania said that she and Shoaib saw no reason to postpone the marriage. Shoaib said the fact that he was alone here, without his relatives, was proof enough of his innocence.

“There is no reason to postpone the marriage. Shoaib has said there was no marriage. We believe him. We both come from respectable families, and obviously are not happy about this. We are looking forward to our marriage, to the best days of our lives,” said Sania.

Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik on Monday handed over his passport and mobile phone to an investigation team, which questioned him on a complaint filed by Mohammed Siddiqui father of his alleged first wife Ayesha.

Earlier in the day, Hyderabad police questioned Malik for over two hours at Sania’s house.

Malik reportedly claimed his signature on the nikhanama was forged.

Earlier, acting on Mohammed Siddiqui’s complaint, police asked Malik not to leave the city without their permission and also alerted immigration officials.

Ayesha has alleged that she and Mailk are already married, and, he is marrying Sania without her consent.

The Siddiqui family charged Malik with harassing Ayesha, cheating to marry another girl and accused criminal intimidation.

A police team has also questioned the Siddiqui family at their residence, following an allegation of forgery levelled by Malik.

Hyderabad police may ask Malik to undergo scientific tests.

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  1. There seems to be more in it than what meets the eye. Shoaib Malik has a point here. Why the girl who has made such a serious allegation against a celebrity was silent for past eight years? Why she did not lodge a FIR before? Why she did not fight for her conjugal rights until now? Why she is not coming in front of the media to talk? After all Malik says she is not the girl who he had married. We also want to see whether the girl who is making an allegation is the same girl who is with him in the photo that is released to the press. Is she waiting for 15th the date of marriage to pass or is she waiting until Sania breaks off with him?

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