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Condoms, beds found in Patna cybercafés!

Patna: Patna Police during a raid on cybercafés in the city found condoms and also caught a number of couples in compromising position. What was more shocking, for the usually unnerved cops, was that in one of the cybercafés, there were beds for those who found cubicles congested.

As per a report published in an English daily Wednesday, the cybercafés in Gandhi Maidan, Kadamkuan, Pirbahore, Kotwali and Buddha Colony police station areas were raided by the police and caught many couples red-handed .

The report further says that the couples tried to run away, but were apprehended by the alert cops and taken to the nearest police stations.

Most of those rounded up were in the age group 16 to 18 years and belong to well-off families.

Taking into consideration the social stigma attached to the entire episode and the disrepute it would bring to their families, the girls were let-off after a stern warning.

And, in case of the boys, their parents were summoned to the police station and asked to fill up personal bonds before the police released them.

Taking into the serious of the matter and the adverse effect it has on the moral fabric of youngsters, the police are proceeding ahead with the case and will book the café owners.

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