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Cong, BJP trying to swallow regional parties: Lalu

Patna: RJD leader Lalu Prasad charged BJP with having a secret understanding with Congress to ‘swallow’ regional and smaller parties in the upcoming Bihar Assembly polls.

Prasad’s attack came a day after BJP alleged that RJD and Congress have arrived at a secret alliance for the polls.

“Congress and BJP have a secret understanding and they want to have a bipolar political system in India,” Prasad said.

Prasad claimed that Congress had ensured ‘clean chit’ from CBI to Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi in the Shoharabuddin encounter case.

“The two arrived at a secret deal and CBI netted a small chicken (a minister in Modi-led government), while it cleared Modi of all charges. It says beyond doubt that the two big parties have a pact,” he said.

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