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Congress supports Tharoor over Kochi IPL Issue

New Delhi: Congress rejected as absurd the BJP demand that Union Minister Shashi Tharoor be sacked over the IPL controversy and said it was up to the cricket board to decide on allegations of impropriety over his role in the Kochi IPL team.

Congress sources however said there was some unease in the party over the minister of state for external affairs landing himself in another controversy that could embarrass it.

Congress spokesman Shakeel Ahmed said Tharoor’s role in having an IPL team from Kochi was not an “embarrassment” and his desire to have such a team for his state was not “unwarranted”.

“Not an embarrassment…..As an elected member from Kerala, his (Tharoor) desire to have team from there is not illogical or unwarranted,” said Ahmed when asked if the minister’s involvement has been an embarrassment to the Congress.

Observing that Kerala was the only Southern State not having a IPL team, he said all other Southern states like Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu have such teams.

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