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Dawood using Naxals to set up base in South India

Hyderabad: After dominating the Mumbai underworld for decades, Dawood Ibrahim might just be trying to make inroads into southern states through Naxalites. These revelations have come to the fore after the arrest of 6 members of the Dawood gang in Karnataka and Hyderabad.

Police claim that those arrested were real estate agents and posed as Naxals in Andhra Pradesh. They were in touch with top Naxal leaders Vinay and Devaiah of Bangalore and this was done at the behest of Dubai based Chota Shakeel’s aide Altaf. And what is shocking to the police is that it was a prelude for a major meeting between Naxal leaders and the members of Dawood gang in Dubai.

The police in Hyderabad have recovered tickets to Dubai and passports, which they say have been arranged by the members of Dawood gang by transferring money to the tune of Rs 25 lakhs. The police are hopeful that further investigations would reveal how deep is the connection with underworld of those arrested. They would also probe into a possible ISI angle to the entire controversy.

Meanwhile, the Andhra Pradesh police is taking pride on the way they have handled the Naxal threat, even calling it a success story. However, this case has unearthed a much larger looming threat of a possible attempt by the Dawood gang to exploit the sensitive Naxal issue. This is a serious cause for concern not just for Andhra Pradesh but all other Naxal-hit states as well.

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