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Death toll in Lahore twin blast reaches 40, over 100 injured

Lahore: The death toll in twin bomb blasts which rocked Lahore’s cantonment area on Friday noon has reached 40 and over 100 injured as police officials confirmed that the target of the suicide attackers were the Pakistani army vehicles.

A senior police official told media persons that some of the injured also included security personnel.

“We have the heads of both the bombers. There was an interval of 15 seconds between the two attacks. They were on foot. Their target was army vehicles. At least 20 people were killed. Army personnel, were injured, some of them are in a serious condition,” Chaudhry Mohammad Shafiq told reporters at the attack site, which was teeming with people gathered for Friday prayers.

According to eyewitnesses the blasts, which occurred in RA Bazaar and Saddar roundabout area, were preceded by gunshots.

The RA Bazaar is a residential and commercial neighbourhood where several army and security agencies have facilities, The Dawn reports.

The explosions came less than a week after a suicide car bomber tore through the office of the Special Intelligence Agency (SIA) killing at least 13 people and wounding over 20 others.

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