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Delhi-Gurgaon Metro ‘robbed’ on first day

New Delhi: The inauguration of Qutub Minar-Gurgaon Metro link on Monday was marred by theft of signalling cable between two stations by unidentified persons, leading to delay in train services for some time.

Signalling cable, which was laid between Sultanpur and Qutub Minar stations, was stolen last night by unidentified men and was noticed on Monday morning.

Due to this, trains were run on manual mode from Sultanpur to Qutub Minar stations on Monday after the services began at 8 AM, DMRC sources said.

“Train services were affected between the stations. Usually, the travelling time from Qutub Minar-Gurgaon is 27 minutes and since the trains were run on manual mode between Sultanpur and Qutub Minar, today’s journey took 30-32 minutes,” they said.

The sources said the cables are being re-laid and operations will be normal from Tuesday morning.

Most of the passengers, however, did not take the delay seriously with some being unaware of the problem.

“An additional five minutes doesn’t make any difference. We are all happy that we got Metro connectivity. Technical glitches do happen. So, it’s not an issue,” a passenger at the Qutub Minar Metro Station said.

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