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Delhi has more than 17 % of Indian Private Cars

Delhi has more than 17 % of Indian Private Cars, in fact Delhi has more cars than the total number of cars in Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat and West Bengal says a government report.

Hence, the vehicular emission load is likely to rise in the near future as the Union government’s environment report predicts the ‘vehicle stock in Delhi is expected to almost quadruple by the year 2020.’

The increase in private vehicles is being attributed to poor public transport system in the national capital, asper the report ‘State of Environment of India 2009′, released recently by environment minister Jairam Ramesh.

It points out the state government has failed to do sufficient to give impetus to public transport system, despite starting Metro rail service and taking steps to introduce Bus Rapid Transit system.

“Following the trend of Delhi’s urbanisation and the lack of appropriate mass transport system, people buying more vehicles for personal use have perpetuated an increase in vehicles,” the findings say.

The number of registered vehicles in the national capital has increased 51 times in the past 30 years, says the report prepared by an NGO, Development Alternatives, on behalf of the environment ministry.

Total vehicle population in the country is more than 85 million (about one per cent share of the world) contributing to the already existent amount of vehicular emissions.

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