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Development has won in Bihar: Nitish Kumar

Patna: Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, basking in the glory of the massive mandate secured by the Janata Dal(United)-Bharatiya Janata Party alliance in the state, thanked the people of the state for giving him another chance to serve them.

Crediting the massive victory to the development work carried out by his government during its first term, Kumar said that there was still a lot of work to be done.

“I thank the people of Bihar for voting in favour of NDA. I want to thank the people of Bihar, the voters of Bihar. It is their victory. The mandate is take Bihar ahead on the path of development and it is welcome news. I will not shy away from working hard and will try to live up to their expectations. Today development has won in Bihar,” said Kumar while addressing a press conference in Patna.

“There is still a lot of work of work to be done. I have no magic wand. There is no time to talk and much needs to be done. I can promise to work more hard. Development has won in Bihar. The massive mandate brings with it a great deal of responsibility. I will pray to God that I should be able to live up to the expectations of Bihar. The alliance with BJP will continue and we will share power,” said the Bihar Chief Minister.

Pointing out that the JD(U)-BJP combine ran its campaign on the work done by his government, Kumar said that the results will change the way elections are fought in India.

“Bihar has shown that development can win elections. The results will not only change Bihar but also have its reverberation outside the state,” he said.

Kumar also credited the women of Bihar for coming out in large numbers to cast their votes. In fact for the first time in Bihar’s history women outnumbered the men in casting their votes. According to the Election Commission while 50.70 per cent men cast their votes, the percentage for the women stood at 54.85 per cent.

“Women’s participation has been highest. Women have shown great enthusiasm in the election process. They have overtaken the men in casting their votes. Those who needed development have been enthusiastic in polling process. The youngsters of Bihar want development. I want to take all the people of the state and work together and move forward,” he said.

Taking a dig at his rivals, particularly Rashtriya Janata Dal chief Lalu Prasad and Lok Janshakti Party supreme Ram Vilas Paswan, Kumar said, “People don’t want to read the writing on the wall. They have been living in their own world. Politics of caste has lost and development won today.”

In a lighter vein he also thanked the media for its coverage of the elections and added that he hoped that their travel through the state would have been a lot smoother, hinting towards the massive construction of roads.

“I thank the media for their coverage of election. I hope your travel through Bihar would have been a lot smoother than earlier years,” he said amid peels of laughter from the media persons present.

While thanking the Election Commission for the smooth conduct of the elections, Kumar said that the six-phase election process was very long and the Commission should trust the people of Bihar more.

“Election Commission needs to trust Bihar a bit more. Bihar is not going to go down the path of lawlessness. There was no untoward incident even where paramilitary forces were not deployed. The credit for such a peaceful election goes to the people of Bihar,” he added.

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