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DMDK leader Vijaykant assaults party candidate

Chennai(PTI): Actor-politician Vijayakant, whose party DMDK is a constituent of the AIADMK-led alliance, has stirred up a controversy after allegedly assaulting his party candidate in full public view during his election campaign.

The leader, contesting from Rishivanthiyam constituency, assaulted his Dharmapuri candidate Bhaskar when the latter tried to correct Vijaykant after he misspelt his name, reports reaching here said.

The incident occurred in full public glare as Vijayakant was canvassing votes from an open vehicle.

Meanwhile, DMK criticised Vijayakant for his act, which has reportedly sent shock waves among his party workers.

DMK Treasurer and Deputy Chief Minister M K Stalin took a dig at Vijaykant, saying those accompanying him during campaigning should wear helmets.

Meanwhile, Vijaykant today created further controversy when he asked AIADMK cadres to lower party flags during his campaign at Ariyalur district.

Meanwhile Bhaskar refuted reports that Vijaykant had assaulted him. What had happened was that the cordless mike developed some problem and the DMDK leader had shouted to the staff to attend to the matter, he said.

Vijayakant was sitting in his caravan with AIADMK-DMDK alliance candidates when the problem occurred, he said.

He regretted that certain sections of the media had wrongly reported that he was assaulted by Vijaykant.

Bhaskar charged DMK and PMK with fabricating the story and said it would not yield them any dividends in the April 13 assembly polls.

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