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Does Avatar Send A Racist Message?

Avatar, the smash hit of the year written and the magnum opus from James Cameron’s stable, is now criticized by many for sending a racist message. The movie, according to a group of people, brings out the stereotypical concept of superior white men rescuing the natives. Lots of newspaper articles, blogs posts, You Tube videos have acclaimed that the movie is “a fantasy about race told from the point of view of white people”. It highlights “the white Messiah fable”.

According to the writer and the director of the movie- James Cameron, it was not an attempt to highlight the superiority of white man over the natives. To the contrary, it was an urge to do away with the differences and respecting each other despite differences. The movie was sympathetic towards the Na’vi characters who might have symbolized the native Indians, Africans or pagans. It rather depicted the unsympathetic attitude of the white in starker colors as they wanted to demolish the natives with their technicalities.

Robinne Lee asserts that she found the movie “beautiful”. The actress says, the movie reminded her of Pocahontas, “..the Indian woman leads the white man into wilderness, and he learns the way of the people and becomes the saviour”. The white male protagonist who rescued the tribal race is paralyzed. He finds it difficult to survive in the white world anymore. He prefers his incarnation as Na’vi further, which in turn highlights the fact that James Cameron had no intention of hurting or disrespecting tribal sentiments on any grounds what so ever.

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