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‘Don’t end up like me’ Michael Jackson warned Britney

Few weeks before of his death, Michael Jackson reportedly telephoned Britney and warned her about the dangers of fame.

A friend of Britney Spears told Look magazine that Michael Jackson called and advised Britney to retire early from the Glam Industry and focus on her life and family. It was like he was trying to tell Britney what he lost because of his glory and how it was going to End. Probably he knows that he was going to die very soon.

“I think Michael’s warning sent shivers down Britney’s spine. He was emphatic in warning her she should leave show business in order to maintain her sanity. He thought she should retire after the Circus tour so that she could focus on things that mattered – her sons and family. Britney must have taken Michael’s words to heart as she promised him she would at least take a long break after she finished the tour,” the source said.

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