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Drug addict found eating man’s face in US

London(IANS): A drug addict in the US state of Miami was shot dead after police found him chewing a man’s face by the roadside.

Rudy Eugene, 31, had eaten about 80 per cent of the man’s face by the time police officials noticed the horrific scene next to a busy road, The Sun reported

When a policeman fired one shot at the naked Eugene, the latter carried on chewing. It prompted the officer to fire several more times last Saturday.

The victim was rushed to hospital in a critical condition where police were waiting to find out from him what had happened.

“We’re hoping that he pulls through, for his well-being, but also so he can tell us what happened,” said a sergeant.

According to Eugene’s ex-wife, he had a history of violence.
“I wouldn’t say he had a mental problem but he always felt like people was against him,” she said.

Armando Aguilar, a police official, said: “What’s happening is whenever we see that a person has taken all of his clothes off and has become violent, it’s indicative of this excited delirium that’s caused by an overdose of drugs.”

“What’s happening is inside their body their organs are burning up alive,” he added.

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