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Drunkard sleeps in mortuary, scares hospital staff

Thrissur: A tippler who downed one too many and had a sound sleep in a hospital mortuary in Thrissur on Onam night, frightening women staff who saw him rising from the inquest table when they came to fetch a stretcher to move in a cadaver.

The incident occurred at the Government Medical College Hospital at Mulankunnathkavu three days back.

The man, who found a cosy bedroom in the mortuary, was handed over to police, who let him off after registering a case for trespassing, police said.

The middle-aged man, an employee of a private firm in Malappuram district, got down at the railway station inebriated. When he got into an autorikshaw, he came to know it was not his destination. But he struck an instant bond with the auto driver and they downed another bottle.

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