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Filmmaker Vijay Kumar now detained in Canada

Ottawa: Indian filmmaker Vijay Kumar has been detained once again, this time in Canada.

Immigration authorities in Canada questioned the documentary filmmaker for 6 hours yet he was still not free to leave the country.

All this took place just a day after he was freed by the US authorities and was set to return to India via Canada.

Vijay Kumar had been arrested in the US for carrying jihadi literature and brass knuckles.

After the US authorities gave him the green signal to leave, it had seemed that it was an end to the tumultuous few weeks for him during which he was arrested and jailed for over 20 days in the US.

Kumar had pleaded no contest to the charges of illegally carrying brass knuckles in his luggage in exchange for time served, to avoid a lengthy trial.

He claims he was carrying jihadi literature to participate in a seminar in the United States.

Vijay Kumar, 40, had been arrested at Houston airport on August 20 after being found carrying the prohibited item and jihadi literature.

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