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French Prez, Carla Bruni visit Taj Mahal

Agra: French President Nicolas Sarkozy could not wait to keep his date with Taj Mahal in the company of his wife Carla Bruni.

The French First Couple advanced their visit to the monument of love here by a day.

Sarkozy, who had last visited the Taj alone in 2008 could not bring Carla, then his girlfriend, due to protocol reasons.

Arriving from Bangalore, where he spent a few hours on the opening day of his four-day trip, the couple headed straight to the Taj Mahal, changing their earlier plans of going there tomorrow for a look at the sunset from the monument.

While Sarkozy was in a lounge suit, Carla was wearing a knee-length dress with a stole draped around her shoulders and spent about 40 minutes at the Taj Mahal.

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