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Giant Sinkhole Swallows Houses in Guatemala

A massive sinkhole has opened in a city center neighborhood in Guatemala City, Guatemala, swallowing several buildings and nearly an entire intersection.

The perfectly spherical crater enveloped and consumed whatever was on its surface, including structures and utility lines.

According to CNN, the sinkhole left a pit that is about 30 meters deep and 20 meters in diameter. Causalities due to the event are yet unclear.

“It’s unclear which mechanism is behind the 2010 Guatemala sinkhole, but in any case the final collapse can be sudden,” experts said.

The sinkhole’s destruction added to the tragic events in Central America that are related to Tropical Storm Agatha, which left a death toll of more than 175 people in the region that includes Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

Agatha has now been downgraded to a tropical depression.

The devastating storm comes only two days after the Pacaya volcano in southern Guatemala began erupting, killing two people.

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