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Girl finds her 15 brothers and sisters on Facebook!

London, August 25 (ANI): A teenaged girl has been reunited with her parents and 15 brothers and sisters, thanks to popular social networking website Facebook.

Sophie Featherstone was devastated after the demise of her beloved grandmother Pat, who raised her.

“I occasionally asked about my parents and Nan would tell me what happened with my mum, but she didn’t know who my dad was,” the Mirror quoted Sophie as saying.

The 19-year-old went into depression after losing her granny to cancer, and destiny struck when she checked her Facebook account while visiting a friend in Liverpool.

She had received a message from unknown woman, called Sarah Prescott, which said: “Your dad would love to get in touch with you.”

Sophie began chatting with Sarah, who revealed her partner, Paul, always suspected that the teen was his daughter and when the two met there were no grounds for doubt.

She also met her half-brother, Jessee, 19 months, and Sarah’s children Kerry-Ann, 16, and Scott, 12, from a previous relationship.

Sophie also found that she had five half-brothers and half-sisters from Paul’s previous relationships.

Sophie’s mum Debbie Featherstone, mum of Jamie, 16, Katie, 15, Ffion, 12, Jack, 10, Bailey, four, Madison, two and Declan, one, and eight months pregnant with her ninth child, soon heard the news about the reunion and her daughter initiated a contact using Facebook again.

Sophie said: “I was at my dad’s and saw the message from Katie saying ‘Mum would love to see you’.I was so happy I almost cried. I thought my mum and I would never meet again because too much time had passed to ever be a family again.”

Sophie added: “It was like history repeating itself, we arranged a meeting and I moved in with her and her family for a couple of weeks. It has been incredibly easy to bond with everyone here, I already feel part of the family.” (ANI)

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