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Girl mauled by dog receives 175 stitches

London: An eight-year-old girl who wanted to pet a Japanese Akita received 175 stitches in her face and head after she was mauled by the dog in West Yorkshire, a media report said.

Sky Barker was playing in Rastrick, West Yorkshire, last Thursday when she asked the owner of a fearsome Japanese Akita if she could pet the animal.

However horror struck when the dog – which was tied to a wall – leapt forward and grabbed her head in its mouth as she approached, Daily Mail reported on its website on Friday.

Incredibly, a week after the attack the animal-loving youngster has said she doesn’t want the vicious animal put down.

Her father Brian Hackett, 33, told how Sky survived the horrific attack as she was able to roll out of the reach of the tethered dog and the emergency services were called.

She was rushed to hospital for a four-hour operation and received 60 stitches to the back of her head, 85 in her face and 30 inside her cheek, which could leave her scarred for life.

Hackett was on his way home from his work as a joiner when he received a call from Sky’s mother Amber Barker, 30, who he is separated from, telling him their daughter was in hospital.

Doctors have warned it could be 12 to 18 months before Sky regains feeling and movement in her face, while she has only just managed to crack half a smile.

Sky, who has been described by her father as “bubbly”, has a soft spot for animals and, touchingly, Hackett revealed that even after she was savaged by the large pet she didn’t want it to be put to sleep.

Police say they cannot force its owners to have it destroyed, because the dog is not listed under the Dangerous Dogs Act.


  1. just to shed my light on the story the dog has now been put down and so should all dangerous dogs pits akitos rots staffs etc why can’t people have small dogs if any there pests vermin nuisance to socity they leave cr@p every where and not in one place they have to walk in circles while the do it just to make sure you step in it another thing is the muzzles all big dogs should wear them a dog is un predictable and can snap unexpectedly and can cause damage to any one sky my cousin was very lucky but next time some one else might not have as much luck
    dominic barker

  2. Dominic. I feel very saddened by the incident that has scarred sky for life. I have children of my own! But the sad thing is that the pet owner is responsible for how his pet behaved and should be punished rather than the dog. The dog had a reason he did what he did. The owner did not raise the Akita correctly well at all. Your small dog comment is way off. The size or breed of a dog is in no relation to it’s behavior. I have owned several Akita that wouldn’t even think of being aggressive towards anyone because that is how they are raised. Akita are smart loyal and would die to protect you. They are fearless but gentle giants.Take this as a lesson that u should never pet a strange dog even with the owners approval unless u know the owner and the dog well.

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