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GoM on Bhopal gas tragedy to submit its report to PM today

New Delhi: The reconstituted Group of Ministers (GoM) headed by Home Minister P Chidambaram will submit its report on Bhopal gas tragedy to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh today.

The final report will decide on recommending the government on the nature of compensation package that should be handed out to the victims of the 1984 gas tragedy.

The report will also include recommendations on legal options such as a curative petition in the Supreme Court pinning criminal and legal liability on the accused.

The GoM is also likely to recommend that the Union Carbide plant be dismantled and a memorial park be set up in its place.

The panel held four rounds of meeting till Sunday.

The nine-member panel initiated the work on Friday and completed discussions in three days.

The panel also favoured approaching the United States to seek the extradition of former Union Carbide chief Warren Anderson to face trial in India in the Bhopal gas disaster case.

Briefing media after the meeting, Chidambaram said the GoM has covered all the subjects that were identified.

“We discussed remedy issues and environment issues. We have covered all the subjects that we had identified in the beginning,” Chidambaram said on Sunday.

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  1. Actually these all are political Drama, No any result come after 5 Memebers committee or GoM, every party blames on other, nobody want’s to take responsibility, We knows that that Mishap was occurred due to failed security Norms , Dow has a Identical company in USA too, but their they follow all security Norms.In my opinion forget all and just give better compensation to all victims so that they live their life happily . I read some on http://www.lawisgreek.com/bhopal-gas-tragedy-india/

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