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Hacking of Army Major”s computer is a cyber security breach: Antony

New Delhi: Defence Minister A K Antony on Friday said an Army investigation has found that the information e-mailed from a Major”s computer was a case of ”cyber security breach” and not espionage.

“It is a case of alleged misuse of computer by an officer of the army. The moment we got information, the government took action and we ordered an inquiry. The army itself ordered the inquiry, which is still going on,” said Antony.

“One thing is clear, established (that) there is a clear case of breach of cyber security. That is proven beyond doubt,” he added replying to questions about the investigation against the officer, who is posted in Andaman and Nicobar Islands, and from whose computer critical information was allegedly e-mailed to a Pakistani agent.

“They have not got any proof (on espionage),” said Antony, adding that nothing else has been proved so far.

“The government as a whole and Defence Ministry in particular has taken sufficient precautionary steps to prevent this kind of misuse and hijacking,” he claimed.

The Major came under the scanner of security agencies in the wake of the alleged transfer of data from his computer to Pakistani agencies.

Some classified data of the tri-service Andaman and Nicobar Command (ANC) is likely to have leaked after an Army Major”s personal computer was accessed by online espionage agents, possibly from Pakistan, a couple of months ago.

The Army on Thursday strongly denied that the Major has been taken into custody for spying for Pakistan.

Indian authorities were alerted about the episode by the US after some intercepts showed the picture of a brigadier, on a training course in the US, being dispatched to Pakistan from the computer of a user based in Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

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