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Hazare fast doesn’t scare centre, public anger does: Thackeray

Mumbai(IANS): Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray Thursday said that the central government is ”not scared” of the ongoing protest by veteran Gandhian Anna Hazare, but is definitely scared of the ”public anger” that has been aroused.

He said that the centre is worried about the growing public support to Hazare’s agitation since that is the only thing which can oust it from power, and not Hazare’s hunger strike.

“Corruption is not restricted to Maharashtra, it is all over the country. The central government is corrupt and survives on money power from the 2G spectrum, Commonwealth Games and other scams,” Thackeray said in his party mouthpiece Saamna.

Thackeray alleged that Congress president Sonia Gandhi and her family members were also involved in corrupt activities. He mentioned the Bofors deal and her son-in-law Robert Vadra’s wealth for example.

Referring to Hazare’s statement that the centre would “bow” to his demands within three-four days, Thackeray said this was a misplaced confidence.

“The centre wears a rhinoceros skin and it will not easily bow before your agitation. However, we pray to Goddess Jagdamba that if it does concede to your demands, then your efforts will be a success.

Anna Hazare’s fast-unto-death at Delhi’s Jantar Mantar, demanding a more stringent anti-corruption law, entered its third day Thursday.

The Shiv Sena has announced a massive state-wide jail-bharo agitation from April 12, while the Vidarbha Jan Andolan Samiti will observe a day’s token strike in his support.

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