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Hegde disapproves Anna demand on having his way in Parliament

Bangalore: Member of the joint drafting committee on Lokpal bill, N Santosh Hegde, today strongly disapproved of Anna Hazare’s insistence on ”having his way” in Parliament and sought to make out a case for ending his fast even while continuing the anti-corruption fight.

Hegde, a former Supreme Court judge who has emerged as the face of anti-corruption crusade in Karnataka, said the demand that “my dictum should be accepted by Parliament” is, in fact, demeaning to the Lok Sabha.

“I feel I am not in Team Anna any more by the way things are going. These (telling Parliament what to do) are not democratic things,” Hegde, who till recently served as Karnataka Lokayukta, told PTI.

“I can’t justify these things that you give command to Parliament. No (it should not be done),” he said. “I have been a judge and I believe in certain democratic principles. And to me, it’s very difficult to digest,” he said.

Hegde said after the exercise of joint drafting of the bill failed, “we (Team Anna) said you (the Government) send ours (our version of the bill) also together with the Government version and place it before Parliament.

“Beyond that, I will not go further,” he said.

Stressing that the fast should be separated from the fight against corruption, Hegde said the struggle against graft should go on. Hazare should give up his fast, he added.

Some 10 people are also fasting and if something happened to them, how can one give an explanation to their parents? he asked.

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