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I am not wrong says SRK

srkThe Shah Rukh Khan-Shiv Sena war continues with the Bollywood superstar refusing to apologise for his comments backing Paksitani cricketers after they were not picked up during the Indian Premier League auction in January.

Addressing a press conference in London on Wednesday Shah Rukh said that he has always backed what he believed in.

“(I) would not apologise. I said what I believe in as an Indian. I haven’t said anything personally against anyone. I would apologise to my director, co-stars, business partners if because of me, the film is affected. It’s really sad, makes me rethink. I have apolgoised in the past if my film has caused offence – to hairstylists for Barber. But here, what am I supposed to apologise for? It’s just very sad,” said Shah Rukh.

Shiv Sena has warned SRK that his films won’t be allowed to be released and screened in Mumbai if he did not apologise for his comments on Pakistani cricketers.

But SRK has been defiant and said that even though he was a proud Indian it did not mean that he should criticise people from other countries.

“I think what I said is true of any person from any nation from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, America, England. That’s how I think we’ve all been brought up. You say ‘ok, my country is nice, I’m very proud of it, I’m very proud to have been born there and I wish a lot of people come to my country and participate in the goodness of my country.’ If that is wrong then I think I need to relook (sic) at what my children are studying right now. I need to even ask people who think the statement is wrong ‘do they have an issue with the schools their children are going to?’ Because that’s what they are being taught also,” he said.

“It’s not a stand or a statement against anyone. It’s actually, sort of what I individually feel and normally when a film is releasing – and I won’t comment on this on a larger scale, because, it’s nice for a Hindi film hero who is thought of as an icon to say this, but it scares me to say anything, because our stakes are very high. I’m really sorry. I would like to apologise to Karan Johar (the director), I apologise to Kajol and I’m immensely sorry to all our business partners that because of what I say or what I believe in the film and the work is going to be affected,” he added.

Sena leader Sanjay Raut said that the actor that he must remember that his house was in Mumbai and not in Pakistan

“They are speaking in favour of Pakistan sitting in Mumbai and in this country. We will not let this happen. This is Congress’ opinion that Shah Rukh is voicing. Shah Rukh stays in Mumbai and Mannat (his residence) is also in Mumbai, not Pakistan,” said Raut.

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