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I have not done anything illegal: Swami Nityananda

Chennai: Breaking his silence in the sex scandal in which he allegedly figured, self-styled godman Nityananda Swami claimed he has not done anything “illegal” and that he was a victim of a smear campaign.

“There have been many allegations against me and my organisations in recent days…I want to assure you all, all of you, that nothing illegal has been done by me or by any of my organisations,” he said in a video clip recorded at an undisclosed location, a week after his alleged sleazy acts were telecast on TV channel drawing widespread protests.

“We are in the process of collecting evidence to establish the falsity and motive of this smear campaign that has been going against me. I will address all the allegations and issue a detailed explanation. We will find out the truth and will come back to you very soon. Till then please be patient,” he said.

The CD of him speaking before a camera at an undisclosed location was sent through his lawyer and circulated to select media. The contents of his speech were telecast by a private Tamil Satellite Channel.

His statement comes a day after his former disciple Nithya Dharmananda alias K Lenin said he had shot the video purportedly showing Nityananda in a compromising position with an actress which was later telecast on TV channels.

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  1. My understanding of self realization is the ability to understand and move beyond the mind. And as all desires originate in the confines of the mind, it is impossible for a self realized soul to ever indulge in such desires. So much for our religious Gurus. And unfortunately the multitude of mentally retarded souls that throng such fan fare.

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