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I said Sorry for my fans not Shiv Sena : SRK

In his latest post on the social networking site Twitter, Shah Rukh Khan clarified that the earlier post where he has expressed regret for the controversy surrounding ‘My Name Is Khan’, was meant for fans and not for Shiv Sena.

“What I tweeted earlier was for my fans across the world and not for Shiv Sena,” he posted.

Earlier, he has tweeted, “If I have said anything wittingly or unwittingly, have disturbed any sentiments, I express whole-hearted regret.”

“I hope my Tweets clear this cloud of confusion. I hope peace prevails and the city is at rest. Nobody wants the Mumbaikars or their property hurt and destroyed. Least of all me…. This also is the last time I clarify or say anything on this topic. This is not a justification, it’s just reiterating the facts,” he posted.

“Hope peace prevails. Hope misunderstandings get cleared. Hope nobody is hurt. Hope all leaders and activists have largesse of heart. Hope…,” wrote Shah Rukh.

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