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I want to teach yoga to Pakistanis: Baba Ramdev

Kathmandu: After establishing yoga centres in Nepal, Baba Ramdev is now eyeing Pakistan, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan and Bangladesh to popularise the traditional Indian fitness system in the subcontinent.

Ramdev has just opened yoga centres here said, “I want to take yoga to Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan and Bangladesh and want to link it with Buddhism.”

When asked about taking yoga to Pakistan, Ramdev said,” I also want to go to Pakistan where people are keen to learn yoga but I cannot afford to risk the lives of my instructors and disciples with an open air yoga camp in Pakistan given the current political situation.”

Ramdev said he will also use yoga as a tool to canvas for votes in the 2014 general elections in India and would “field candidates who are responsible, honest and hard working.”

He said,”Politics in India is sham. It has failed to take the benefits of education and and economic development to the common people.”

“People say that there is no scope for honesty in politics and I want to change this notion,” he said.

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  1. Sir i like to to take addmission in nude yoga class try to open very soon a yoga centre in pakistan too.

    Response please


    nasir Javed

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