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I was only Experimenting in Bed says Swami Nityananda

Swami Nityananda who was away from media from the day of his sex tape scandal, came to light at a hotel in Haridwar.

Speaking about the sex takes, Swami Nityananda said “I have heard the news reports which have hurt me greatly”.

“I am going into deep silence to heel all the physical and mental pain caused by of all the people who so ever might have caused it.”

“I want to assure all of you that nothing illegal has been done by me or by any of my organizations. I am in the process of collecting evidence against the smear campaign that has been going on against me,” Nityanand said.

Then about the video he told that they are only the experiments.


  1. Nithyananda says he was having sexual experiments with his chosen female companions . What a travesty and perversion. In all religions including Hinduism, incest is an immoral sex activity, but some people get involved in it.
    Some people who are both victims and perpetrators of incest may seek the guidance, advice and teachings of Nithyananda on how to kill this animal lust in incest sex between a sister and brother, between the nephew and ones own mother’s younger sister etc. Would our fraud man Nithyananda say then that he has to get involved in incest sex with his blood relations in order to do the experiment on the effects of incest before advising his disciples on how to control their animal sex lust and prevent incest? This is absolutely ridiculous. Who is our Swamiji trying to fool?
    You can not fool all the peoples all the times, dear Swamiji. Accept your guilt and get married and quit your Swami business

  2. dear dearest swami ji,now u have became nanga in whole world,at this stage you are talking like politicians.i know that its very hard-to accept any kind of truth that its related to own.but you should not talk like this and one of my friend has suggested you for marriage.thats great idea,n stop fooling people around you.at least you dnt sprerad dirt about our real Hindu religion.that is the only thing now i can expect from you….and your kind of people.go away from the Earth.

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