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If PM can be above 70 why not NSF chiefs: Malhotra

New Delhi: If the country can have a Prime Minister above 70 then what is wrong in having National Sports Federation chiefs of similar age, asked Archery Association of India President Vijay Kumar Malhotra reacting sharply to the Delhi High Court’s decision which limits NSF heads’ tenure.

“The argument that I would like to present is, there is no tenure limitation for the Prime Minister of India, the other ministers, MLAs, MPs or Chief Ministers of the states.

For that matter, even any other registered societies of the country this policy is not valid, then why should this be applicable to only the sports bodies?,” asked Malhotra.

“If for good governance age below 70 is required then I would like to point out that our Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is running the country at the age of 76.

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