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Increasing number of B grade movies in Telugu Industry

From few years many low budget movies are coming in Tollywood, in which producers cast one popular comedian and says that its entertainment oriented movie. Thinking the same, when one goes to the theater what they find is a low class c grade movie. Not to blame the comedian, he appears only in few scenes and the rest of the movie goes in b grade style.

A new film “O Varsham Kurisina Ratri” is about to release in which Suman Shetty a popular comedian in Tollywood is playing the lead role. But seeing the posters and stills of that movie one can easily say that its neither a thriller nor a comedy movie but an adult oriented film. Many other such films are under production. One cannot blame the leading character whether it is any comedian or upcoming hero, because in most cases they will not be knowing how other parts of the movie getting picturised.

Earlier many movies like these came in Bollywood. Dharmendra in his later stages of his career acted in one of such movie. His fans who went to see the movie got surprised that how can a Big star like Dharmendra acted in such a low class movie. Again to note that, in many cases they will now be knowing the rest of the movie scenes other than those they acted.

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