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India detained Pak staffer during Indo-Pak match

Islamabad: A Pakistan High Commission employee was picked up by Indian security agencies from Delhi on Wednesday at a time when Pakistani and Indian Prime Ministers were watching the Indo-Pak World Cup semi-final clash at Mohali, and was released the next day.

Both sides were keeping the issue under wraps to prevent it from queering the nascent peace re-engagement process.

A source disclosed that the Pakistan High Commission employee was not a diplomat, and that he had been under surveillance for some time.

“He was one of the low-ranking Pakistani staff,” the Dawn quoted the source, as saying.

According to reports, the man was freed on Thursday, and the Foreign Office in Islamabad confirmed the release.

Foreign Office spokesperson Tehmina Janjua confirmed that one of the High Commission employees had been detained, but would not say anything about his identity.

Janjua expressed the hope that the issue would be resolved bilaterally.

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