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‘India supressing truth about the Superbug’

New Delhi(PTI):International health journal Lancet has slammed the government for ”suppressing” truth about the presence of a drug-resistant bacteria in Delhi’s public water system by ”threatening” and ”abusing” its own scientists.

It also dubbed as “unfortunate” the government’s denial of presence of such bacteria.

“The research is entirely scientific. If you look at our publication record for the last 10 years you will find that discovering new and emerging mechanisms of resistance is what we have been doing for 10 years,” Mark Toleman, one of the co-authors of the study which claimed to have found the bacteria in the capital’s waters, told PTI via e-mail.

“You will also notice that we have done similar studies on isolates from many different countries. Furthermore a responsible response would be to empower Indian scientists to do similar studies.

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