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Indian charged in US for molesting a 20 year old woman while she is sleeping

A 57-year-old Indian man has been charged with criminal sexual abuse of a 20-year-old Indian woman who considered him a father figure and trusted him because of her relationship with one of his children.

Rajenderkumar Patel, a resident of Melrose Park here, was brought in for questioning about the incident Tuesday night and arrested late Wednesday, according to Cook County Sheriff Thomas J. Dart.

Patel knew the victim because of her relationship with one of his children and she trusted him because of that bond, she told investigators.

On Feb 14, Patel contacted the victim and asked her to come to his home. When she arrived, she found he had prepared a Valentine’s Day dinner for her, the County Sherriff’s office said.

He also presented her with flowers and balloons, expressions she believed were related to their bond, which she saw as parental. She accepted the meal and gifts and shortly after, she became tired and he offered her a bed to sleep in

She told investigators that when she woke up, she found Patel was molesting her under her clothing. The victim immediately fled the house.

She did not contact investigators until March 30. The victim indicated she was torn about notifying authorities because of cultural implications tied to someone touching her in a sexual way. She also indicated that she was hesitant because of her fatherly relationship with Patel.

Sheriff’s police detectives talked to her about the gravity of the situation and Tuesday were able to bring Patel in for questioning. On Wednesday, he provided a detailed, six-page statement about what he did to the victim, leading to the criminal charge, police said.

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