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Indian naval ship sinks after collision

Mumbai: The Indian naval ship INS Vindhyagiri that caught fire after collision with a foreign merchant vessel at the Mumbai harbour sunk on Monday.
INS Vindhyagiri was carrying family members of Navy personnel on board. There have been no injuries as all the people were evacuated from the ship. The ship, however, suffered major damage to its engine.
Other ships have been stopped near the outskirt of the dock. The merchant vessel, however, did not suffer any significant damage and may be held accountable.

Fire tenders couldn’t douse the fire in INS Vindhyagiri due to presence of oil near the engine, resulting in sinking of the ship. There was no oil spill and ammunitions were also evacuated on time averting major tragedy.

On Sunday, INS Vindhyagiri collided with a foreign merchant vessel at the Mumbai harbour, resulting in fire on the naval ship, Coast Guard officials said. The incident occurred when the family members of the Navy were celebrating ‘Day at Sea’, they said.

According to an official, INS Vidhyagiri was returning to the dockyard while the merchant vessel was leaving Mumbai harbour when the two collided.

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