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IT employee murder case solved: Bangalore cops

Bangalore: Bangalore Police on Saturday claimed to have solved the murder case of Dell employee Payal Surekha. Bangalore Police Commissioner Shankar M Bidari said that Payal Surekha husband’s former employee James Kumar Rao killed her.

The accused has been sent to police custody till January 5. Police have recovered the alleged murder weapon.

The 29-year-old Payal, an employee of Dell, was found dead in her flat on December 17. The gruesome murder had shocked Bangalore. Payal was stabbed and her throat slit.

The accused, James Kumar Rao, had trained as a gym instructor in Bangalore, in a gym owned by Payal’s husband Anant N Misra. After completing training James Kumar Rao was employed in a gym owned by the Mishra family in Cuttack.

While he was working in the gym, he was found to be allegedly dishonest in collecting money and Payal had come to know about his illegal activities following which the Mishra family terminated his services.

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