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IT people questioned Lalit Modi for 8 Hours

Mumbai: Indian Premier League Commissioner Lalit Modi was questioned for as long as eight hours over the financial dealings and share holding patterns of the cricketing body as Income Tax officials left his Worli-based office early today.

I-T officials visited IPL Head-Quarters at Wankhede Stadium as also Modi’s office at Nirlon House in upmarket Worli, where they quizzed him from 7.15 pm to 3.20 am.

Modi, speaking to reporters later, said the I-T officials were visiting several places in the city in a bid to find out details of the bidding process and when he came to know of it, he invited them over to his office.

“They were given documentation details, they verified the documents and went through the entire process of bidding. We fully cooperated with them and provided them with all they required,” the IPL Commissioner said.

Asked about the longer duration of the questioning, he said, “The questioning was over in a few minutes, but it took them longer as they had to go through the documents.”

Modi said the officials saw the documents related to bidding by new franchisees owned by Sahara and Kochi consortium as well as those related to other IPL franchisees.

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