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Italian PM’s steamy sex sessions out of closet

London: Details of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s steamy sex session with three sex workers has been revealed by an escort.

Escort Maria Teresa De Nicolo alleged she shared the bed with Berlusconi, 73, and two other women.

A statement to prosecutors by 38-year-old Nicolo was published by Italian newspaper La Repubblica, which spoke about the group sex.

She said in her statement, “In the bed there was me, two girls from Rome and Berlusconi.”

The sex session had taken place at Berlusconi’s Palazzo Grazioli residence in Rome.

Daily Mail reported that businessman Gianpaolo Tarantini had invited Nicolo to a party.

She said that Tarantini had called her up and given her 30 minutes to get ready and he had said, “Tonight we are going to dinner with Berlusconi.”

“I thought it was a joke. Then he gave me the details and told me to `dress sexy’.”

Nicolo said there were 15 girls at the party and later Tarantini “made it clear he wanted me to stay the night”.

She went on to say that she spent some hours sleeping alone and “some hours with the girls, these two from Rome and Berlusconi”.

Last year, another escort Patrizia D’Addario said that she had spent the night with Berlusconi.

She released a tape in which he told her to “touch herself” during sex.

D’Addario later published a book in which she lavished praise on Berlusconi for his sexual stamina and said he “deserved a place in the Guinness Book of Records”.

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