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Jagan loyalists, detractors engage in war of words

Hyderabad: Congress MLAs loyal to former MP Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy and those opposed to him were involved in a war of words over their loyalties.

Taking strong exception to reported comments of Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy that the Jagan loyalists should quit their posts and seek re-election, some MLAs today asked him to table a confidence motion in the House if he felt that he was elected to the assembly without the goodwill of late Chief Minister Y S Rajasekhara Reddy.

“There is no doubt in saying that all Congress MLAs in the present house, including Kiran Kumar Reddy, have won because of Rajasekhara Reddy. If someone feels that they have won without Rajasekhara Reddy’s goodwill, they should quit. If you have confidence, why don’t you move a confidence motion in the assembly,” Congress MLA Pilli Subhash Chandra Bose, a staunch loyalist of Jagan, and other MLAs told reporters.

“If those, who feel that they did not win because of Rajasekhara Reddy, quit their posts, we will also quit,” Bose said.

The Jagan-loyalists objected to the alleged comments of Kiran Kumar Reddy that he secured an appointment with former Premier P V Narasimha Rao for late YSR.

Asked whether the Jagan loyalists would vote for or against if a confidence motion is tabled in the assembly, Bose said: “Let us see. We have already said we don’t intend to destabilise this government.”

Balineni Srinivasa Reddy, a Jagan loyalist MLA and a former minister, said they are being provoked.

“Jagan has said we don’t want to destabilize this government. We are committed to that. They are provoking. Let’s see, the government may fall. Who knows,” he said.

Srinivasa Reddy, a close relative of the YSR family, said Jagan is sure to launch his party soon.

Meanwhile, Health Minister D L Ravindra Reddy, a known-critic of Jagan, said the Jagan-loyalists can move a no-confidence motion if they want.

Congress spokesperson N Thulasi Reddy also dared the Jagan loyalists to check if the government enjoyed majority or not.

Meanwhile, the Chief Minister held a meeting with few Congress MLAs who supported Jagan earlier.

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